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Sandra May After a profound training background as Assistant Tax Consultant I worked at two law offices in Bremerhaven and Hamburg, exercising very different activities exceeding the normal scope of tax declarations and financial balances. In 1988 I was responsible for the very first time for a film production company as a client - and that was an experience which changed my career totally.

Since 1990 I have been working as a free-lance production accountant on national and international level (among others in Germany, Italy, Morocco, Spain, Thailand and the Caribbean) for national and international film and television productions.

Assisted by free-lance employees it is also possible to handle several projects at the same time. Due to the location of my company office it is possible for production companies to apply for film subsidies for North Rhine Westphalia. My customers are therefore companies in Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich.

Some years ago I sat and passed the examination authorising me to train apprentices. Since then I habe been holding presentations in training and further education of professional film makers. Continuing professional education is vital.

I enjoy exercising my profession which enables me to encounter interesting people, challenges my technical background and gives me the chance to take over responsibility in a team. If you require competent film business management for your project, please contact me

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